2024 6th International Conference on Structural Seismic and Civil Engineering Research (ICSSCER 2024)
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The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

土木工程材料/Materials of Civil Engineering

· 混凝土流变学/Rheology of Concrete

· 流体力学/Fluid Mechanics

· 无机非金属材料及物理性能/Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials and Physical Properties

· 金属材料物理材性/Physical Properties of Metal Materials

· 3D打印混凝土材料/3D Printing Concrete Materials

· 纤维材料及物理性能/Fiber Materials and Physical Properties

· 土木工程材料表观及微观分析/Apparent and Microscopic Analysis of Civil Engineering Materials

· 水泥基材料分析/Analysis of Cement-Based Materials

· 材料质量与控制/Material Quality and Control

· 聚合物材料/Polymer Materials

· 地聚物材料/Geopolymer Material

· 材料与构件/Materials and Components

· 钢筋疲劳与应力分析/Fatigue and Stress Analysis of Reinforcement

结构抗震/Structural Seismic Resistance

· 地震波/Seismic Wave

· 地震荷载力分析/Seismic Load Analysis

· 抗震实验及分析/Seismic Experiment and Analysis

· 地震与阻挠器/Earthquake and Blocker

· 结构抗震设计/Structural Seismic Design

· 地震信号探测/Seismic Signal Detection

· 结构抗震设计计算原理/Principles of Structural Seismic Design Calculation

· 混凝土结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Building

· 砌体结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Masonry Structure Building

· 钢结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Steel Structure Building

· 混凝土结构梁式桥抗震设计/Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Beam Bridge

· 结构减隔震技术/Structural Seismic Isolation Technology

· 结构抗震加固改造设计/Structural Seismic Reinforcement and Transformation Design

· 结构的动力分析/Dynamic Analysis of Structure

· 地震作用计算/Earthquake Calculation

· 墙体承载力验算/Wall Bearing Capacity Check

工程结构/Engineering Structure

· 工程结构/Engineering Structure

· 高层建筑和大跨度结构/High-rise Building and Large-span Structure

· 桥梁工程和荷载分析/Bridge Engineering and Load Analysis

· 结构工程/Structural Engineering

· 结构动力学/Structural Dynamics

· 结构力学/Structural Mechanics

· 材料力学/Material Mechanics

· 理论力学/Theoretical Mechanics

· 结构荷载分析/Structural Load Analysis

· 混凝土结构/Concrete Structure

· 力学分析/Mechanical Analysis

· 隧道及地下结构/Tunnels and Underground Structure

· 钢结构/Steel Structure

· 金属结构/Metal Structure

· 力学解构相关智能算法/Intelligent Algorithm for Mechanical Deconstruction

监测检测/Monitoring and Testing

· 智能检测技术/Intelligent Detection

· 检测算法/Detection Algorithm

· 钢结构应力监测/Steel Structure Stress Monitoring

· 工程实体结构检测/Engineering Entity Structure Testing

· 工程原材料检测/Engineering Raw Material Testing

· 检测信号分析及降噪/Detection Signal Analysis and Noise Reduction

· 大体积混凝土浇筑温度监测/Temperature Monitoring for Large Volume Concrete Pouring


(1) Both Abstract and Full Paper are welcomed. The author can make an oral presentation after the Abstract is accepted and the payment is made.

(2) All submitted articles should report original research results, experimental or theoretical, not previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtue of any academics. Hence, any act of plagiarism or other misconduct is totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.